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Staying Cool in a Heat Wave

Staying Cool in a Heat Wave
In this heat and humidity, it’s more important than ever to stay cool. Geisinger Health System’s Dr. Joseph Colancecco, a doctor of internal medicine, stresses the important of keeping hydrated, staying out of the sun, and exercising in the early morning or later at night when it’s cooler.  “The body will naturally perspire so as to keep a steady body temperature,” says Dr. Colancecco. “So you have to be careful to drink plenty of fluids.”
Want more clues on how to beat the heat this summer? See below.

  • Mist yourself with a spray bottle, or put a cold compress on the back of your neck.
  • A window fan with the blades facing out will pull warm air out of the house, and bring cooler air in.
  • Hang a damp sheet over a window; the incoming breeze will be cooled by the water particles
  • Kick off your shoes! The evaporating sweat on your feet cools your skin and the blood in your feet, which then gets pulled through the body.
  • Make a “cooling pad” by freezing rice in a cotton sock, then putting it in your bed when you go to sleep.
  • Eat foods that are full of water to stay hydrated: fruits & vegetables will keep your water content high (and your calorie content low!'

If you feel you’re experiencing symptoms of a heatstroke, visit one of Geisinger’s Careworks facilities. For more information and locations, visit