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Geisinger residency program achieves perfect match rate

DANVILLE- Graduating medical students from all over the country have made it clear that Geisinger is where they want to come to continue their medical education. On March 15, 2007, anxious medical students from the Universities all across the country learned where they would begin their residency training as results from the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) were simultaneously released to all senior medical students across the United States.

Many of these students were hoping to continue their medical careers at Geisinger, and for the first time Geisinger’s residency program has achieved a 100 percent match rate. All of the residents that will continue their education at Geisinger had selected the Health System as one of their desired locations; Geisinger reciprocated by including those residents on their own list of coveted prospects.

The unprecedented 100 percent match rate directly reflects the growing success of Geisinger’s residency program to medical students across the country. "This is a great sign that residents from all across the country want to come here," said Linda Famiglio, MD, Geisinger Health System Chief Academic Officer. "They want to be a part of Geisinger and to groom their careers here in rural Pennsylvania."
The incoming residents will be arriving from all over the country, including medical schools at Dartmouth, The University of Virginia, The University of Texas, and even as far away as California. “We are very excited to see that such a vast collection of students have chosen Geisinger for their residency training,” Dr. Famiglio added. “This will bring a unique mix of perspectives and influences to Geisinger's program.”

In recent years, Geisinger's residency program has grown exponentially as it has continued to meet and surpass certain important criteria and achievements. Structured at 200 residents in 1999, this past year Geisinger was allocated 250 incoming residents.

Many experts in the healthcare field agree that where medical students choose to do their residency is often more important than where they do their undergraduate work. "A residency is a preparatory program between medical school and being an independent physician," Dr. Famiglio said. "It's where physicians form their approach in taking care of patients and how they manage the health care system."

The residency list grows larger and more diverse each year as Geisinger's reputation continues to gain influence across the country. “The most impressive aspect of what we’ve achieved with our residency program is getting these students to vote with their feet,” Dr. Famiglio said. “Many of these students had a chance to come here during their undergraduate studies, and they saw what we could do here and they wanted to come back.”

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