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Geisinger employee pair address humanization of healthcare

New patient garment helps alleviate modesty issues.

A new medical modesty garment under development through Geisinger Ventures will help alleviate patients’ concerns and fears about disrobing for surgical, imaging or other relevant procedures, as well as for the duration of a hospital stay, without compromising the need for medical access. This technology was born from an August 2005 New York Times article about the dehumanization of the healthcare delivery process.

In addition to covering essential body parts, being easily removable during an emergency, maintaining a patient’s privacy even when wet, being constructed of latex-free materials, and being radiotranslucent for imaging procedures and anesthesia-friendly for easy placement of standard anesthetic monitoring devices, styling was another key ingredient. A former Calvin Klein designer provided guidance in the development of this garment.
Call Marcy Marshall at 570-271-8081 to schedule an interview with clinicians who can comment on the effectiveness of this technology.