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Ethics in a Changing World

Oct. 28, 2013
Contact: Roxanna Larsen, MS, LAT, ATC

DANVILLE, PA - The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society and Geisinger Sports Medicine will offer an educational activity for athletic trainers, How to Maintain Our Ethical Code in an Evolving Athletic World, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 from 7:30 am – 3 pm at the Pine Barn Inn, Danville.

The purpose of the workshop is educating athletic trainers on the ethical code they are bound by, what it means to be viewed as a mandatory reporter, and how to ensure the right steps are always followed.

With the consistent evolution of technology; we are now facing a spill over into the athletic world and the lines can be blurred between athletic trainer and athlete. There is a unique bond between the athlete and athletic trainer that fosters trust, dependability, and comfort needed for full rehabilitation after an injury. A bond that becomes even stronger as the athletic trainer is returning the athlete to the playing field. Owing to this bond an athletic trainer may become more of a counselor to the athlete. The athletic trainer must understand the ethical code that they are held to as well as the obligations that are placed on him/her to report instances. Athletic trainers are essential to the world of athletics but their role is not defined to the only physical injury; this workshop is designed to help athletic trainers understand their ethical code and how to act in the role of the mandatory reporter.

The workshop is set-up in a small group learning atmosphere to promote open discussion enabling participants to share experiences and learn from peers as well as instructors; “NATA Code of Ethics”,  “Do the Right Thing”, “As a Mandatory Reporter”, and “What happens if….”.  The day will close with a discussion session on “Common Athletic Injuries and Tips” from Dan Feldmann, MD, Chief of Sports Medicine.
Click to download brochure for information on speakers and topics, and how to register for the workshop (5.5 CEU).

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