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When you need medical care, you can count on any one of our skilled and compassionate providers. This list may include advanced practitioners including physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse midwives.

Ansong, Kwabena Steven, MD
Urology Lewistown

Bhangdia, Darshan K., MD

Danella, John Francis, MD, FACS

Fulmer, Brant R., MD

Garg, Tullika, MD

Grzonka, Robert L, MD
Urology Moshannon Valley Philipsburg
Urology Lewistown

Haren, William E., MD

Hause, Shane Michael, PA-C

Mori, Ryan L., MD

Mowad, Joseph James, MD, FACS

Mulligan, Daniel Dale, MD

Urology Dallas

Scott, James F., PA-C

Simmons, Jennifer, MD
Urology Moshannon Valley Philipsburg

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Smith, Devin Eugene, PA-C

Sumfest, Joel Michael, MD

Williams, Heinric, MD

Zaleski, Charles Edward Jr., MD

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