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When you need medical care, you can count on any one of our skilled and compassionate providers. This list may include advanced practitioners including physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse midwives.

Acosta, Jose R., MD

Arkless, Paul Anthony, MD

Ayers, Michael L., MD, FCCP

Barrantes Perez, Jairo H, MD

Sleep Disorders Medicine Woodbine Danville
Burns, J. Robert, MD, FACP, FCCP

Clute, Stephen P.H. IV, MD

DeAntonio, Angela Marie, MD

Sleep Disorders Center South Wilkes Barre
Eneh, Kennedy K., MD

Fisk, David Emery, MD
Gaurav, Kumar, MD

Grum, Emily E., MD

Gunnett, Joanna Martin, CRNP
Loiacono, Laurie Anne, MD

Matragrano, Andrew Paul, MD
Mehta, Yatin Bhupatrai, MD

Mogri, Mohammed, MD

Ramakrishna, Srinivasarao, MD

Sharma, Alvin K., MD, FCCP

Shoff, Catherine Therese, DO
Simonelli, Paul F., MD, PhD, FCCP

Stamm, Jason Andrew, MD, FACP

Wincek, Dawn M, CRNP
Young, Kathy Lee, MD

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