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When you need medical care, you can count on any one of our skilled and compassionate providers. This list may include advanced practitioners including physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse midwives.

Batok, Gary Raymond, MD

Bendas, Charles, MD

BenKinney, James A., MD, FACEP

Botti, Kasandra A, DO, EMT-P

Brosius-Bolick, Catherine A., DO

Clark, Shawn G., DO, PhD

Cobb, Travis Daniel, MD

Crowell, Mark A., DO

Dula, David John, MD, FACEP

Edwards, Amanda Marie, DO

Ellison, Ross David, MD

Exner, Christopher Jurgen, MD

Fitzpatrick, Michael Hugh, MD, FACEP

Fumanti, Brandon J., MD

Furman, Andrew Colton, MD

Gerst, Michael C., DO

Greenberg, Tyler K., DO

Holecko, Kristy D,, MD

Holmes, Todd Jeffry, MD

Kupas, Douglas Frank, MD, FACEP

Leicht, Michael Joseph, MD

Litwin, Bryce, MD

Mattison, Mark C, MD

McElroy, Erica Anderson, DO

McRipley, James Ronald, MD

Messa, Matthew Jonas, DO

Michetti, Yolanda M., MD

Moyer, Bradley Keller, MD

Opachko, Amy Lynn, PA-C

Pesarchick, Kimberly Anne, PA-C

Rigau, Saul Francis, DO

Saracino, Brian S., DO

Sauter, Anthony, MD

Saylor, Samuel, MD

Schauer, Jason M., MD

Schoenwetter, David J., DO, FACEP

Skiendzielewski, John J., MD

Slimmer, Samuel John, MD

Snover, Amy Jill, MD, FACEP

Sole, David Patrick, DO, FACEP

Strickler, Samantha S, DO
Strony, Robert J., DO

Strony, Ronald S. Jr., MD, FACEP

Vollmer, Timothy Paul, MD

Vrabec, Keith Gerard, MD, FACEP

Wagner, Jere L, MD, FAAP

Westawski, David, DO

Wilson, Christopher James, MD

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